Plugins with tag "Debugging"

Java Stream Debugger

In some ways, Stream API is better than traditional loop approach.

JVM Debugger Memory View

This plugin extends the built-in JVM debugger with capabilities to explore objects in the JVM heap during a debug session.

Kotlin Sequence Debugger

A Kotlin extension for Java Stream Debugger plugin. The extension enables debugging method chains with Kotlin Sequence usages.

Stack trace to UML

Draws UML sequence and communication diagrams from JVM stacktrace from exceptions.

Java Visualizer

A tool to visualize the call stack and objects on the heap (as a box and pointer diagram) while debugging Java applications.

Android Database Debugger

Exporting database from an Android phone and using an extra tool to debug is a heavy task, isn't it? Why don't you use Android Database Debugger, that will help...


Android debug activity launcher that you can launch any activity with params ActivityLauncher is an android debug plugin for intellij idea which you can launch or debug...


μCL — CLion for Microcontrollers.


Integrates the python debugger birdseye.

OpenOCD + ESP32 Support for embedded development

ESP32 MCU development plugin This project is a modified version of Elmot's excellent OpenOCD + STM / ARM Clion plugin modified to work with the ESP32 series of MCU.