Plugins with tag "Android"

Kotlin Anko Converter For Xml

Convert layout xml to kotlin code use anko.

MVP Generator

Plugin which generates activities and fragments for MVP + Dagger + Rx using Kotlin (soon for Java)!.


Help generate intent to start activities of Android.

Generate M.V.P code

By leeii
This plugin is a key to generate the MVP of the android code.

ADB DateTime

Change date or time immediately over ADB:.

Data Binding Formatter : Databinding Model Generator

Quickly add android data binding setter and getter ,notifyChange and PropertyChangeRegistry methods for a model.

Android Bundle Support

support using android studio apk analyzer to open files such as ap_, ap, aar, jar, so, awb etc.


Android Source Viewer Plugin for Android Studio.

Log Viewer


Android Dialog

Generate a dialog quickly.