Plugins with tag "Code tools"

Jackson Generator Plugin

This plugin allows you to generate Jackson ready java files from provided Json formatted string.

Stepik Union

Stepik plugin for code challenges on Python, Java, asm, C, C++, Clojure, Haskell, JavaScript, Mono C#, Octave, R, Ruby, Rust, Shell, Scala.


Validate and auto fix source code documentation.

Iterm Plugin

ITerm Plugin.


By Yao
README Using intellij to infer Python typing and add type comments using the typing module.

Educational plugin core

This plugin has been replaced by new EduTools plugin.

Laravel Snippets

Live Templates For Laravel Show details in Preferences -> Editor -> Live Templates -> Laravel-5snippets Laravel-Blade Laravel-Cache Laravel-Form Laravel-Helpers...


Intellij IDEA Community Edition support Spring configuration files.

Android Selector

Generate selectors for background drawable.

JSON Model Generator

By moxun
Tool to covert JSON string to Java class.