Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"


IntellIRC (or Intelli IRC) is an integrated IRC Client, featuring for example: Managing list of IRC Network and Channel Favorites Auto-Connect to Favorites...

Automate Live Templates

Plugin for searching frequent structures in code.

Soa Debugger

Debugger for soa services.

Pudelek plugin for Intellij IDEA

Remake of Pudelek Eclispe Plug-in.


Non-destructive java source-code (not bytecode) obfuscation. Plugin adds "Shuffle" action to Refactoring menu.


Classic game of Sokoban with 50 levels (see Tools Menu).


Plugin for old game Digger.

HotOrNot Plugin

Something productive to do while waiting for your build to complete.


An amusing plugin for IDEA.

Smart Search

Allows to do quick web search log information without project-specific data, such as.