Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"


An amusing plugin for IDEA.

AFC for coders

This is the small plugin for adding some fun to coding.


Generate hastebin-snippets of a whole code file (or a selection) whenever you click on a button like Code > Create a Snippet or whenever you use a shortcut like ctrl...

Smart Search

Allows to do quick web search log information without project-specific data, such as.


Outputs the current project and document to discord via the discord-RPC protocol.

Twitter Integration

Select a piece of code and tweet instantly via right mouse click.


By ramo
Some of the developers remember the old Fox Pro 2.6 for DOS. It used to come with a puzzle game included.


This plugin is IntelliJ IDEA version of article.


Non-destructive java source-code (not bytecode) obfuscation. Plugin adds "Shuffle" action to Refactoring menu.


The Gopher is here to enhance your Go (golang) development experience.