Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"

Encourage Coder By Gakki

Gakki remind you to rest in time.

Python 2 Countdown

Python 2 Countdown Python 2 will not be supported after January 1, 2020.

Game Tool

Plugin helps to create new game-project.


Support for Online judge, Programming contest and Competitive programming contest site.


This plugin shows current weather from OpenWeatherMap.


the plugin can translate markdown and text,and you can right click on the folder, besides, you can se idea to translate and edit the translated md file.


This plugin will show a random XKCD comic each time a project starts in IntelliJ.

IntelliJ Scratch

*scratch* buffer for IntelliJ.


It processes your order.


Mortar is the internal tool for running big data jobs at Datadog.