Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"


simple plugin for playing sound for exit code 0 after run and playing other sound with no 0 code.

Game Tool

Plugin helps to create new game-project.


Generate hastebin-snippets of a whole code file (or a selection) whenever you click on a button like Code > Create a Snippet or whenever you use a shortcut like ctrl...


Support for Online judge, Programming contest and Competitive programming contest site.


It plays a drum roll sound on compile/build.

Find me tagged in code

Find @author tagged in the code just to see how many FIXME and TODO are pending on author.

IntelliJ Scratch

*scratch* buffer for IntelliJ.


This plugin will show a random XKCD comic each time a project starts in IntelliJ.


Changing stage TRT's for DKLite DKA.


Intellij Plugin that gives you motivations by doing alt + m.