Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

Google Account

Provides Google account setting and authentication for IntelliJ plugins that need it.

Embedded Linux JVM Debugger (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Intel Galileo II, and several other IoT Devices)

Java Runner/Debugger for Embedded Systems/IoT Devices that run on any variant of the Embedded Linux Kernel.


CLion Arduino Plugin.

SoapUI IntelliJ Plugin

Adds latest 5.0 features - still in beta - let us know if you have any issues!.


Maya integration with run and debug configurations for Maya.

Native Terminal Plugin

Native Terminal Plugin adds a terminal icon to the IDE toolbar to open a project directory in your favorite terminal.

PIT mutation testing Idea plugin

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for PIT mutation testing (


PhpMetrics integration.

QAPlug - Hammurapi

Hammurapi module for QAPlug - an Intellij IDEA plugin to manage code quality which integrates tools such as PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs.


ReactNativeTools, to make it easier to execute react-native commands.