Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

PHP-DI plugin

PHP-DI plugin for PhpStorm.


ReactNativeTools, to make it easier to execute react-native commands.

SBT ChangeListAction

Provides the ability to define custom actions that you can invoke on any VCS changelist in order to execute operating system commands against the changelist content.

FontStorage plugin

Use custom free fonts in your projects.

Review board

Review Board Code Review Tool Only Reviewboard 2.0.5 or newer is supported Features.


Chronon recording debugger support.

Multi-OS Engine Plugin

Multi-OS Engine IDE plugin for Android Studio.

ADB Uninstall

Provides simple visual uninstalling support for the current application.

PIT mutation testing Idea plugin

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for PIT mutation testing (


Maya integration with run and debug configurations for Maya.