Plugins with tag "Tools integration"


An IntelliJ IDEA plugin which makes PNG compression much more convenient.

TouchBar Support

A simple plugin that adds run, compile, and refactor/rename functions to the TouchBar using Thizzer's library.


PhraseApp helps you manage Translations in your Android Studio projects.

Open Terminal Here

An IntelliJ plugin for opening current directory in terminal.

Pegdown Doclet for IDEA

Enables support for Quick Documentation (Ctrl-Q) for projects that use the Pegdown Doclet.

Android Tools

Helping development more easy.

jenv IntelliJ IDEA plugin

jenv( is Java environment manager, and it is a clone of RVM for Java.

ADB Friendly

ADB Friendly is a Android Studio plugin to provide some useful functions via ADB.

Ivy Plugin

By gui
Synchronizes IDEA module settings such as classpath and source directories from ivy setup.


An anti-boss plugin for you to chat with your QQ/Wechat friends privately.