Plugins with tag "Misc"


IdeaAscii is a simple plugin that allows you to easily add comments (typically section headers/breaks) in ASCII text.

Download Selection

Select a url, type "ctrl+shift+A", type "Download Selection" or select "Download Selection" from the Tools menu.

IntelliJ IDE Distribution Cleaner

Adds 'Delete Disabled Plugins' action to 'Tools' menu allowing to delete disabled plugins from distribution of IDE to save disk space.

Limited WIP

Plugin to help you limit work-in-progress (WIP) by imposing constraints on your workflow.

Instant Calculator

The Instant Calculator allows you to select a mathematical formula in your code (i.e.

Batch Generator

Simple plug-in enables developers to easily generate batch files to run Java applications.

Environment Variables in Path Variables

An IntelliJ IDEA plugin to automatically add environment variables to Path Variables.

mybatis support

Some basic mapper file navigation for mybatis.

Module Dependency Graph

The plugin exports graph representation of modules depndencies into graphml format.

Auto Sync

This automates the action of right clicking on a project and clicking synchronize.