Plugins with tag "Editor"


Editor actions to UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize or invert the case of characters in a word or selection with a behavior similar to Emacs' ...

Sublime Snippets Support

This plugin enables you to use your Sublime Text Snippets directly as Live Templates.


By roeln
Adds Base64 encoding and decoding support.

Joined / Wraparound / Continuous Tab Scrolling

Let multiple tabs scroll continuously together.



Auto Switch Input Source In IdeaVim Mode

Auto Switch Input Source In IdeaVim Mode For MAC Only An plugin for auto switching input method while using IdeaVim plugin FOR MAC ONLY.

Character Browser

By Rick
This plugin allows you to browse and search characters and parts of the Unicode" character set.

IDEA DocBook

Support for the DocBook format.

Bemmet for IDEA

Bemmet plugin for IDEA.


Highlights identifiers under caret.