Plugins with tag "Editor"


IDE to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Javascript or Lua Script.

UUID Plugin

Inserts UUID or Unique Keys at the caret location.

Tiny Service

this plugin is work for Tiny Service quick create and deploy service more detail plase read the document in website.

Idea 162 Icon Pack

Changes the new "flat" icons to the old 2016.2 ones.

Copy current file's file path or dir path with Unix file separators

Very simple plugin that copies current file's path or its dir path to the →clipboard with always Unix and never Windows path separators regardless. Problem:.

Google Translate

This plugin performs translations in Editor window from one language to another.


Searches the word under caret in


By Basil
Provides fast Ruby code injections into erb files and ruby strings.

i18n Android Helper

By LSDsl
Move hardcoded texts to strings.xml.


An intellij idea plug to create and generate MultiType Item and ItemViewBinder easily.