Plugins with tag "Editor"


This plugin will allow a user to drag and drop files into the main pane of IntelliJ.

Copy The Path

The function for this plugin is to copy the relative path from the project root directory of the files which has been opened in the edtior.

EventBus Intellij Plugin

Provides actions which allow you quickly move around the event bus.

Build JSON

Create toJson() method in java file automatically use alt+insert - toJson().


UndoCloseFile allows to undo closing edited files.

Duplicate Lines

By xusoo
Allows to duplicate the entire selected lines, not just down (like you already can by default), but also up.

File status bar

Displays information about the open editor file in the status bar.


By svdb
This plugin allows to quickly show and hide white spaces in the editor without having to go to system properties.


Adds 4 text moving actions to the editor.

IntelliJ IDEA Mark Plugin

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin mimics the mark functionality of emacs.