Plugins with tag "TeamWork"


SinCity helps you find out who broke a build.

Pull Request

This plugin allows you to receive notifications about created or approved pull requests.


one key create qccr mvp template code.


It's like Twitter, for recording things that happen in your project, stored in it's version control repository.


Provide user mapping as parameters so other plugins can map a user to another name.

CloudShell Sandbox

The CloudShell Sandbox TeamCity Plugin provides an easy way to consume CloudShell sandboxes through TeamCity for a variety of use cases.

SpiraTeam CI Integration

Integrates SpiraTeam with the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration build server.


By qilat
Plugin only for PoudlardRP Team member.


Plugin allowing to invite users to create or join TeamCity projects.

Server Profiling

Can be used for detailed investigation for TeamCity server performance problems. The data collected is to be sent to TeamCity support.