Plugins with tag "Web"


With Live Edit you can see the changes you made in your HTML and CSS files immediately in the browser.

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 live templates / snippets.


React Templates integration.


SCSS Lint intellij integration.


This plugin adds support for Prettier (, an opinionated code formatter.

React CSS Modules

React CSS Modules support for components written in JavaScript and TypeScript.


Auto Generate code for React's Component PropTypes (ES5 is not supported for the time being).

Markup to SCSS

Adds option to generate SCSS from selected markup.

GWT-Platform (GWTP) IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

The GWTP IDEA plugin provides tools for GWT-Platform framework in IntelliJ IDEA.


Provides some extra features for web-developers (see 'Webmaster' item in 'Tools', Editor popup and Project View popup).