Plugins with tag "Framework integration"

AEM IntelliJ Plugin

Intellij Platform plugin for Adobe Experience Manager GitHub | Bug Tracker | Donate with PayPal Features.


This plugin supports the Ktor framework.

Gluon Plugin

The Gluon Plugin allows developers to create Java applications that target the Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as the Desktop platform using the same codebase.

JMH plugin

Plugin for generating and running JMH benchmarks from your IDE.


UIkit live templates / snippets.

TMC Plugin for Intellij

TMC-IntelliJ is the IntelliJ IDEA plugin for University of Helsinki's TestMyCode framework.

JBoss jBPM

JBoss jBPM 4.0 support (

AEM Tools

AEM Tools is an IntelliJ Platform plugin that provides set of Adobe Experience Manager related extensions and features HTL(Sightly) support.

ZF1 integration plugin

Zend Framework 1 integration plugin.

Android Scala

Plugin for Android development with Scala.