Plugins with tag "Languages"

Weex Language Support

By moxun
Weex Language support for Intellij.

JSFL Support

Support of JSFL, the scripting language for automating Adobe Flash.

Robot Plugin

The Robot Plugin provides integration with Robot Framework Test Case Files (


By skuro
An OrgMode editor for IntelliJ IDEA.

Context Free Grammar

Adds support for EBNF-like context free grammars.

GNU GetText files support (*.po)

This plugin enables support for GNU GetText files (*.po).

ReStructuredText Support

This plugin enables support for reStructuredText files (*.rst).

JFlex Support

Enables JFlex support in IntelliJ IDEA.


Provides advanced C / C++ / Makefile editing and compiling / debugging capabilities.


CoffeeLint intellij integration.