Plugins with tag "VCS integration"

Git Extender

Git Extender adds an option to Update All local branches tracking a remote for all git roots in the current project.

SVN Revision Graph

Displays revisions that 'contributed' via copy or merge to the project's selected file or directory under Subversion control, in the form of a revision graph.

Perforce IDEA Community Integration

[ Github ] | [ Open Issues ] Associate your IDEA project with Perforce ("p4") through the built-in version control.


Provides integration with Team Foundation Server (TFS).

SVN bar

Plugin creates quick access buttons for use SVN.

ClearCase Integration

Allows working with Rational ClearCase version control system.

Open in GitHub

Open source code into GitHub with default browser.

Add to gitignore

Add a file or directory to gitignore in IntelliJ by right clicking it in project view.

GitLab integration

GitLab integration plugin.

SVN Report for IntelliJ IDEA

SVN Report is a free open source plugin to generate statistical reports from your Subversion (SVN) repository.