Plugins with tag "VCS integration"

Git Scope

Git Scope is a helpful plugin for displaying and highlighting changed code (similar to 'git diff', with several advantages) The plugin is used as a tool window.

Allows working with


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Bazaar VCS integration.

CVS Revision Graph Plus

Draws a graph of all revisions of the current CVS controlled file.

Commit Message Template

Adds a button to the commit dialog (right above the commit message field), that loads a commit message template.


This plugin adds an extra action to the ChangeList popup menu.

ClearCase Integration

Allows working with Rational ClearCase version control system.

Vcs Revision Graph

Draws a graph of all revisions of the current Vcs controlled file.

Git Pair

Pair programming plugin.

Rational Team Concert Integration

Provides integration with Rational Team Concert version control system.