Plugins with tag "JavaScript"

React Css Modules

Supports css modules in react with anonymous references and named references.

JavaScript Test Finder

A simple JavaScript plugin to allow flipping back and forth between a JS test and the production file.

Symbols for JavaScript

In JavaScript we quite often use strings as some kind of identifiers. Event and module names are good examples here.


1.install NodeJS plugin first 2.


Javascript object property completion that works in complex contexts.


Plugin to easy your work on Wechat Weapp .

ReSharper.ReJS (R# 9.0)

A set of refactorings for JavaScript.

Inspections for Google™ Closure

This plugin enhances IntelliJ's support for Google Closure.

Bindows Tools

Bindows Ajax framework launcher and development tools.

SAP/Open UI5 Development Plugin

A Webstorm Plugin for Developing SAP/Open UI5 Applications.