Plugins with tag "JavaScript"


1.install NodeJS plugin first 2.

Apicloud Plugin

本插件是为了方便开发Apicloud This plugin is for the convenience of developmentApicloud 本插件是在官方公布在github上的源码进行编写,不涉及版权 According to the source code to modifygithub...

SAP/Open UI5 Development Plugin

A Webstorm Plugin for Developing SAP/Open UI5 Applications.

Inspections for Google™ Closure

This plugin enhances IntelliJ's support for Google Closure.


A intellij idea plugin help you write script more efficiently ^.^.


happy coding with nej!.


帆软数据分析APP 9.0项目国际化资源辅助插件.

Roc JS

Makes development with Roc even more pleasant.

React Css Modules

Supports css modules in react with anonymous references and named references.

Console Log

console-log is a simple and smart helper function that makes logging and debugging easy.