Plugins with tag "Refactoring"


Plugin for resharper, for converting code to async.

AutoValue plugin

Provides context menu options, generate menu options and code intentions to generate and manipulate the builder method and/or create method on classes annotated with...

Fluent setter generator

This is a simple fluent setter generator plugin.

Es6 intentions

ES6 custom actions.

Move with Dependencies

Allows to move a class along with its transitive dependencies to another module and ensures that all dependencies of the class being moved are acceptable in the context...


Eases the creation/updating of XLIFF translations.

Idea file rename

Intellij Idea plugin that provide actions for multiple file renaming.


Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for sort xml by name="xxx".


Thesaurus Lookup a synonym for the word under the cursor for easier naming of your variable, parameters, methods and classes.