Plugins with tag "Unit testing"


Auto Generate Unit Tests in Java, Groovy or Scala.


MoreUnit assists you in writing unit tests! Features.


NUnitJS integration plugin, NUnitJS is a test framework for NodeJS.

Mockito code generator

The plugin generates boilerplate Mockito code that usually needs to be added manually to unit tests.


Plugin to generate unit test methods with meaningful names based in described behaviours with @should tags in interface methods javadoc To see how to use it.

TypeScript spec file generator / navigator

TypeScript test file generator / navigator.


easyb behavior driven development framework.


Provides enhanced navigation and live documentation for unit tested code.

Nette Tester

Github This plugin integrates Nette Tester into PhpStorm IDE.

Android Tests Recorder

Android Test Recorder allows you to record user interactions and generate Unit Test sources.