Plugins with tag "Unit testing"

Concise AssertJ Optimizing Nitpicker (Cajon)

Cajon is an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for shortening and optimizing AssertJ assertions.


By iTest
iTest makes your JUnit tests talk to you in editor.

Test/Production Class and Method Generator

This plugin is used to generate test and production classes, as well as test and production methods from a single action.




Creates a Mocked field for undeclared variables.


IntelliJ version of PairHero plugin

Test Recorder

Records behaviour of the developer about testing.


Plugin for pytest testing framework.

Machine.Specifications for Rider

This plugin adds test discovery and runner support for the Machine.Specifications framework.

Test class creator

Instructions: use default shortcut Shift+Alt+Q while you have a class in the src/ directory opened.