Plugins with tag "Unit testing"


IntelliJ version of PairHero plugin

Test/Production Class and Method Generator

This plugin is used to generate test and production classes, as well as test and production methods from a single action.

Test Recorder

Records behaviour of the developer about testing.


Creates a Mocked field for undeclared variables.


Plugin for pytest testing framework.


This plugin does basic code completions for xcordion/concordion (html) specification files.


This plugin was created to automatically manage mocks created with Junit and Mockito framework. Plugin checks, whether you have set expectations on mock in unit test.

TestNG Generator

By Skynx
Automatically generates a TestNG test class skeleton for all of the current class methods.

Beaker Test Runner

Beaker Test Execution.

Easymock expect builder

Plugin for intellij idea to create builder for tests from source class.