Plugins with tag "Unit testing"

Machine.Specifications for Rider

This plugin adds test discovery and runner support for the Machine.Specifications framework.

Easymock expect builder

Plugin for intellij idea to create builder for tests from source class.


Switch between class and corresponding testcase.

Concise AssertJ Optimizing Nitpicker (Cajon)

Cajon is an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for shortening and optimizing AssertJ assertions.

Mock Test Generator

Generates a new test file with mock and injected dependencies.

EF Common for PyCharm

Able to run and debug ef common tests easily.


easyb behavior driven development framework.

Test class creator

Instructions: use default shortcut Shift+Alt+Q while you have a class in the src/ directory opened.

Test navigator

Plugin adds a new gutter icon, which marks java class as tested class (if corresponding test class exists) or as class without tests.

Espresso Black Box

EspressoBackBox add support of black box testing for Espresso framework to Android Studio.