Plugins with tag "Build"


Integrates with Simple Build Tool (SBT) to enable building Scala projects easily and quickly.

File Watchers

Allows executing tasks triggered by file modifications.


Bazel project support.

LESS CSS Compiler

Watches directories for changes to LESS files and compiles changed files to CSS.

Error Prone Compiler

Allows to build projects using Error Prone Java compiler to catch common Java mistakes at compile-time.

Freeline Plugin

android studio plugin for Freeline.


This plugin integrates the Leiningen build system into IntelliJ IDEA.

Buck for IDEA

An IntelliJ plugin for the Buck build system.

RoboVM Intellij IDEA Plugin

RoboVM support for IntelliJ This plugin requires Intellij IDEA to be run with Java 1.7+.


Bazel support for CLion.