Plugins with tag "Code editing"


this plugin can align carets in a column for you~.

Comrade Neovim

Brings JetBrains/IntelliJ IDEs magic to Neovim.

Exception Catcher

Plugin to list all places where thrown exception will be caught.

IntelliJ Oracle WebCenter Sites Plugin

This is a UNOFFICIAL Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g plugin for IntelliJ .

Configuration Sense

This extension provides autocomplete and validation for App settings and Connection strings.


Objective-J Language plugin Provides basic autocomplete functionality for selector methods and variable names Plugin allows the use of a @var comment, in the...


InternalWiki is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm.

Unvoid Methods 7

By cablo
Changes void return type to this for all methods in file (configurable) via Generate menu.


Toggles public/protected/private and true/false.

CamelCase PascalCase Converter

CamelCase PascalCase Convert Plugin.