Plugins with tag "Code editing"

Notation Converter

Plugin adds ability to convert the selected name between camel case (used in field's names) and uppercase underscore (used in constant's names).


idea-cjk-conv README convert chinese/hanzi between Shinjitai/Traditional/Simplified.

Step Builder Pattern generator

A handy Step Builder pattern generator (


Adds option for a JSONObject and Cursor constructor.

Type Refactoring

Adds an menu item to the Refactor menu, which allows you to change the type of a variable without breaking code.

Javadoc Helper

Provide following actions.


MVP classes generator This plugin generates required presenter and view classes for a Fragment or Activity easing the burden to create those classes manually.



Codic Plugin

codic plugin for the IntelliJ platform products.

Gradle Dependency Helper

Gradle Dependency Helper helps you to find and add external dependencies then sync project from anywhere in project.