Plugins with tag "Code editing"

Multiple File Kotlin Converter

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin runs the native Convert Java File To Kotlin File action on multiple files.


Auto-completes nasty long constructors which would otherwise require digging through javadocs.

Course Hero Helper Plugin

Code Generation:.

Case conversion

By Laria
Convert between cases.

Haskell Conceal

Make your haskell code more readable with IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs.


Adds a new menu Generate Properties in the generate menu (alt + ins) to generate getter, setter and property name constants of fields.

Global File Template Variables

This plugins allow to specify or override any variables in the File Template functionality per Project.

Value Class Generator

By mauer
IntelliJ IDEA Plugin that helps generating Value classes without the need to add any libs to your build (like google autovalue or project lombok).

Hide Tool Windows Ex

This plugin adds the functionality to hide tool windows when the developer start typing.


一款自动对属性生成getter/setter 的小插件 (A small plugin that automatically generates getter/setter for properties).