Plugins with tag "Testing Frameworks Support"

Substeps IntelliJ Plugin

A plugin to help write and execute Substep features and compose substeps Inspired heavily by the IntelliJ Junit plugin much of the code here is based on that and...


Pytest framework support.


Run your Jasmine 3.0 tests right from Intelli-J.

Codeception Framework

Allows to use Codeception test framework for PHP.

Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab for IntelliJ IDEA

Test your application on real mobile devices with Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab.

xUnit test runner 2 (obsolete)

Note from JetBrains: this plugin was created as a fork of the original xUnit plugin and the improvements were since integrated back to the original plugin.


xUnit runner A xUnit runner for TeamCity.


Assertions2Assert2 Helper plugin to convert Junit and Hamcrest Assertions to AssertJ.

Behat Enhancement

Features Linemarker and intention for test runner in Feature and Scenario.