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Some Code Template Of Java, Such As Instance And Inner Handler .


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Learn IDE keyboard shortcuts using flashcards.

Appetizer-intellij is an IntelliJ/Android Studio plugin that exposes some functionalities of these IDEs to modern continuous integration systems.


This plugin is check the cite of Class file and its fields.


EasyShortcut 是使用IntelliJ IDEA系列开发工具中常用的快捷键介绍,查看方便,并且更容易记住快捷键.

Activity Watcher

This extension allows the open source tracking tool ActivityWatch to keep track of the projects and coding languages you use in jetbrains IDEs.


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Consists two analysis options.

Easy Import Android project

When you import an Android project, you would modify 'build.gradle' at Android project root folder,.

Idea Currency

Intellij Idea Cryptocurrency tracker.