Plugins with tag "Administration Tools"

Up To Date

Periodically updates and builds project while you are away.

MCloud CI/CD platform

Development operation and maintenance integration platform.

Auto Exclude

Plugin that can be used to exclude all dist folders in the project.

Dimension Tools

Simple tool to convert dimensions in Android.

Zhenai Android Coding Guidelines

This is a can help developers to quickly find code problem.

Image Diff

This plugin shows the diff of two images in the diff view.

Mobile Center Android Helper

A tool to help Mobile Center developers to develop and test their products.

RunAs vNext

The teamcity-runas plugin can be used to run TeamCity build steps under a specified user account on Windows or Linux.


Kill the process running on 8080 port by one key.

Csense - kotlin checked exceptions

A plugin that adds errors / hints / quickfix related to checked exceptions,.