Plugins with tag "Profiling" for Android Studio


The official JProfiler plugin for JProfiler by ej-technologies.

Panda Profiler

Simple profiler implemented as a java agent library.

AEON: Automated Android Energy-Efficiency InspectiON

Energy-Efficiency is a crucial analysis that if performed correctly provides strong competitive value to mobile applications.


Flamegraph Viewer & Instrumentation Java Profiler Fierix.


Fluid is a lightweight performance profiler for Java applications.

CS 125 @ Illinois

Enables MP development for CS 125 @ Illinois.

Perf Guard

A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA which obtains execution and memory profile when you run an application from IDEA and automatically warns you about possible performance...

Avaje Metric Enhancer

Post-compile Avaje metrics enhancement.

Java Object Layout

jol is the tiny toolbox to analyze object layout schemes in JVMs. It allows you to make an estimate how much memory the object takes.