Plugins with tag "Version Control" for Android Studio

Git Commit Template

Create a commit message with the following template: <type>(<scope>).

Git Bar

Plugin creates quick access buttons for use Git.

Check-In Policies for TFS (Team Foundation Server)

This plugin implements the following TFS Check-In Policies:.

Git Commit Message Plugin

Create Git commit messages.

Changelist Organizer

By 4ch1m
Automatically organizes your modified files by moving them into predefined changelists.

CVS Info Plug-In

This Plugin shows CVS sticky tags in the project view as known from the Eclipse workbench.


Attribute commits to more authors using the Co-authored-by: commit trailers based on the Creating a commit with multiple authors article.

Project Set Loader

This plugin loads the modules referenced in a project set file (PSF) into the current project or updates the modules to the sticky tag given in the project set file.


By puke
Clone files from your git repository.