Plugins with tag "XML" for IntelliJ IDEA

SelectorChapek for Android

This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.


Provides a flexible way for displaying structure of XML files to make navigation easier.

Android Strings.xml To CSV Converter

Android XML to CSV converter.


Provides dreamweaver-like feature to find and replace xml tags.


Retrofit your Android layout XML files.


Interactive XSLT Debugger.

Android Styler

This plugin will save you a lot of time if you work with android layouts. You can easily create styles from view attributes.

JAXB 2.0 XJC generator

Generate files from your XSD schemas with JAXB 2.0 XJC generator.

android databinding

this is a plugin of android-databinding framework.

XPathView + XSLT-Support

The XPath part of the plugin provides a possibility to evaluate XPath expressions against any XML document opened in IDEA.