Plugins with tag "Modeling and CASE tools" for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Generate Sequence Diagram for Scala programs. Hot key for running the plugin is Ctrl+S+D.


By vanco
Simple Sequence Diagram Generator. fixed version of SequencePlugin , work from 10.5.x.

SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition)

The latest release from Visual Paradigm, the Smart Development Environment (SDE) 3.0 for IntelliJ IDEA, is now available and well-tested in platforms including Linux,...

Structure101 Workspace

Structure101 Workspace lets you chase detailed code dependencies though a visual architecture that you can specify and share with the team.


DiamondSpin plugin for UML modelling.


Gantt Task Management. Simple tool to organize tasks in a PERT diagram.


Import an ecore metamodel into a language's structure.

GreyCat IDEA

This plugin aims at ease the edition of GreyCat Model, later use to generate a typing layer for the GreyCat framework.


A plugin to a) Build DSLTrans transformations and contracts, b) Execute those transformations on models, and c) Verify the transformations using the contract language.


Export a language's structure to an Ecore file.