Plugins with tag "Maven 2" for IntelliJ IDEA Community

Maven build-this-module plugin

Adds a menu item in the Build menu to run the install goal for the maven module that contains the current file.

Maven Version in Title Bar

Displays the maven version of your project in the title bar of the main window frame.

Maven Archetypes

This plugin helps to generate initial java project layout with the help of Maven Archetypes.

Apache Felix OSGi Development with Maven

Apache Felix + Maven Bundle Plugin support for IntelliJ IDEA 9 This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi ...


By vanhg
Maven Project Helper plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Maven Repo Search

Maven Repo Search Plugin IDEA Ports.

Seam Maven 2 Studio for IDEA

This plugin creates Seam 2.0 projects that use Maven 2 for builds.

Spark Examples Maven

Spark Developer using IntelliJ IDEA may suffer from setting maven's Provided scope to Compile manually, in order to run examples directly.


By hsm
Open JAR packaged JavaDoc documentation in Firefox.

Maven1.x Repository Updater

This plugin is created to work with maven 1.x.