New and Updated for MPS

Code Time

Code Time for IntelliJ Code Time is an open source plugin that provides programming metrics right in your code editor.

Power Mode II

Power Mode Based on the activate-power-mode atom plugin and forked from Baptiste Mesta on Github.

Database Navigator

Database development, scripting and navigation tool.


Support for Lua programming language.


By JetBrains
The Kotlin plugin provides language support in IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.


The plugin is an extension of 'IdeaVim' , can switch to English input source in normal mode and restore input source in insert mode.


Help to generate Dart data class from JSON string.

NutzFw Code Generat

By Huc
Intellij idea plugin for NutzFw.

Fluent Setter Generator

Plugin that allows you to generate fluent setters starting with "with..." directly in the target class.


Plugin for LaTeX and BibTeX support in IntelliJ, featuring.