New and Updated for MPS


FootPrint is a simple variable history viewer that integrates with the IntelliJ debugger.

Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Built on top of Material UI.


q/k4 Language Support (


Php update.

New Executable C/C++

If you are from the Java world, you might be used to be able to create a new single public static void main(String [] args) in every class in order test some...

Maven Dependency Helper

Search dependency without open the browser GitHub | Issues Features.


This plugin makes it easy to solve your Dodona exercises, right from within your favourite JetBrains IDE.

SVN Helper

Just a little Helper for working with SVN.


By Huc
Intellij idea plugin for Nutz.

Diff / Patch File Support

Syntax highlighting for .diff files and .patch files Supports the common formats: normal, contextual, unified, git patch.