New and Updated for MPS

MPS BaseLanguage Extensions

A set of handy extensions to BaseLanguage, such as tail recursion optimization and function memoization.


AsciiDoc language support for IntelliJ platform.


A JetBrains IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard and EditorConfig language.

Handlebars Support

Additional support for Handlebars Java template language Features Go to Declaration from mustache fields to fields in POJO class Completion for POJO class fields inside...


Official IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Spek.

Upsource Integration

Integration with JetBrains Upsource.

hybris integration

This plugin is a plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.

Verilog support

The Verilog plugin provide support of Verilog language in your project.

Brew Java

Brew Java is a GUI for programming Java.


Fortran language support.