Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PyCharm Community

Embedded Web Browser for Intellij Platforms

Embedded Web Browser for Intellij Platform.

TargetProcess Tasks Connector

Plugin which integrate Target Process with IDE.

TinyPNG Image Optimizer

By NVlad
Smart PNG and JPEG compression using TinyPNG service.

Flake8 support

This plugin adds support for flake8's markers # noqa and # flake8: noqa. You're now able to use # noqa or # flake8: noqa.

Clever Cloud Integration

Clever Cloud integration in IntelliJ IDEA.

Connector to assigned Targetprocess entities

Adds support of Targetprocess server into Jetbrains' IDE (IDEA, WebStorm, etc.).


UDC is a plugin for UCMDB UD (Universal Discovery) Content development.


Open imdone-atom task links in intellij.

Data Version Control (DVC) Support

Data Version Control (DVC) file support.

jsDelivr package search

Simple search and insertion of packages from