Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PyCharm Community


MarkLogic integration, providing an error log viewer, and support for running and profiling the following query types on MarkLogic.

Sireum v3

By Robby
Sireum is a software analysis platform being developed at SAnToS Laboratory, Kansas State University.

Data Version Control (DVC) Support

Data Version Control (DVC) file support.


Save Notes that belong to the project You can save notes that belong to the project.

Offline Review Board

Plugin for Review board with notifications and offline support.

3dsMaxPy Support

Simple interpreter support for the 3dsMaxPy python interpreter for PyCharm.

jsDelivr package search

Simple search and insertion of packages from

Flake8 support

This plugin adds support for flake8's markers # noqa and # flake8: noqa. You're now able to use # noqa or # flake8: noqa.

WebSequenceDiagrams Support

Custom editor for the sequence diagram language defined by

TinyPNG Image Optimizer

By NVlad
Smart PNG and JPEG compression using TinyPNG service.