Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PyCharm Community Edition

Clever Cloud Integration

Clever Cloud integration in IntelliJ IDEA.

Connector to assigned Targetprocess entities

Adds support of Targetprocess server into Jetbrains' IDE (IDEA, WebStorm, etc.).


Open imdone-atom task links in intellij.

Jenkins X

Jenkins X Plugin.


UDC is a plugin for UCMDB UD (Universal Discovery) Content development.


A plugin for Leanpub that allows you to generate previews as well as publish books, directly from inside the IDE.


After installing this plugin, you can choose the stock, and add to the "my stock" tool window, and then you will receive the latest price information.


Save Notes that belong to the project You can save notes that belong to the project.


MarkLogic integration, providing an error log viewer, and support for running and profiling the following query types on MarkLogic.

Sireum v3

By Robby
Sireum is a software analysis platform being developed at SAnToS Laboratory, Kansas State University.