Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PyCharm Community

WebSequenceDiagrams Support

Custom editor for the sequence diagram language defined by

Tinify Picture

Tinify Picture.


Trema is an IntelliJ plugin that allows you to manage your text resources and translations.


Select one or more files,rename and copy them into your project easily.


Kafka analysis tool: Multiple clusters support Topics management.

MOCO Integration

MOCO Integration.

OpenNLP Models Trainer Plugin

OpenNLP Models Trainer for IntelliJ Platform.

Kaggle Importer

Plugin allows to import datasets from Kaggle platform.

Serverless Framework GUI

Integration of Serverless Framework for all JetBrains IDEs.

Torchie Flow Metrics

Capture automated flow metrics from your developer experience as you navigate around the code, modify code, and execute tests.