Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PyCharm Community

WebSequenceDiagrams Support

Custom editor for the sequence diagram language defined by


Select one or more files,rename and copy them into your project easily.

OpenNLP Models Trainer

OpenNLP Models Trainer for IntelliJ Platform.

Workers integration

This plugin provides you integration with Workers API.

RabbitMQ Script Support

Adds support for RabbitMQ commands executed via YAML-based scripts against Broker HTTP API Prepare script files with executable blocks Execute whole...

Tinify Picture

Tinify Picture.

Torchie Flow Metrics

Capture automated flow metrics from your developer experience as you navigate around the code, modify code, and execute tests.

MOCO Integration

MOCO Integration.


Congratulations you have installed the worlds only programmable metadata compiler that is capable of generating complex programming solutions.

RussellCloud Cli

cli for russellcloud.You can login, init project and run task.