Plugins with tag "Editor" for PyCharm Educational Edition

SCSS Breadcrumbs

This plugin provide you an option to fast copy of the SCSS structure.

Escape from SearchEverywhere

Make it be possible to close the 'Search Everywhere' popup by the ESC key.

Editor Groups


Voicecode Idea

This plugin adds a small web server which supports a Voicecode package.


pipeprofen on github | report an issue Run a bash shell command on the selected lines.

Magic Time

Second level timestamp convert.


By Finn
Alabaster (Autocomplete Letting Apache Beam Applications Succeed Through Exploration Rapidly) is a PyCharm plugin designed to improve code completion in Apache Beam.

Conference snippet plugin

Conference snippet completion plugin.


Fixed issues with the original Tabswitch as it was not working correctly with the latest version of Jetbrain editors.


Go to declaration in a mono tabbed splitter.