New and Updated for ReSharper

Agent Smith

Provides spell checking and Xml documentation assistance tools.

Unity Support

Adds support for the Unity engine.


Plugin for resharper, for converting code to async.

Machine.Specifications for ReSharper

A ReSharper runner for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications.


Kontur.Billing Resharping.

Clean Code

Automates some of the concepts in Uncle Bob's Clean Code book.

ZenSharp auto completion plugin

A shortcuts language for defining ReSharper live template items. You can specify your own live template scheme using flexible language.

ReCommended Extension for ReSharper

The ReCommended Extension for ReSharper augments the sophisticated code analysis engine by providing more rules not (yet) available from JetBrains.

ReSharper Helpers

Set of custom actions and tweaks for ReSharper to improve your productivity.