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Container cloud

This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker.

Veracode Integration

CA | Veracode enables you to build software securely by providing application security in development, the release pipeline, and production.

GitHub Pull Requests

Provides pull requests integration with GitHub.com and GitHub Enterprise (bundled since TeamCity 2018.2).

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Support

Allows using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication in TeamCity.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Simple Teamcity deployment plugin for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

GitLab Issues

Plugin for integration GitLab issues into teamcity.

Pull Request Extra Information

Plugin to display the branch name of a pull request and get some extra information such as the Branch name, and it will also be displayed as part of the TeamCity...

Web Hooks REST API (tcWebHooks)

REST API for configuring tcWebhooks templates. This plugin adds support for configuring the tcWebHook Templates feature, with plans to support configuring Webhooks in...

TeamCity Theatre

a .NET application to monitor your TeamCity builds in your browser or on a TV.

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Extend TeamCity Notifications to post messages in Microsoft Teams for build events.