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Google Tag Manager

Allows adding Google Tag Manager to all TeamCity UI pages.

Status Based Artifacts

Publish artifacts based on the build status.

ApexSQL DevOps toolkit

The ApexSQL DevOps toolkit is a set of components and scripts that integrate with ApexSQL SQL developer tools to create SQL Server database continuous integration and...


support for CMake and GNU Make builds.


Integrates with Sauce Labs (cloud-based browser and mobile testing platform) (source).

Cached Subversion

Cached Subersion plugin provides support of caching subversion repositories on agent.

XebiaLabs XL Deploy

Publish and deploy a deployment package in XebiaLabs' Deployment Archive (DAR) format.

Flowdock custom notifier

A custom TeamCity notifier that sends messages to Flowdock on build events.


Artifactory repository manager integration and enhancements to Maven release process developed by JFrog.