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Browser notify

Browser notify is a plugin for JetBrains Teamcity server, that adds notification via web api notification mechanism.

REST Runner

TeamCity build runner plugin for executing REST call and analyzing the response.

Agent Auto Authroize

For organizations that heavily automate their build agent infrastructure, the manual step of authorizing and unauthorizing agents can become an issue.

AWS Cloudformation

Creates / Updates / Deletes / Validates aws cloudformation stacks.

Web parameters

Web-parameters is plugin for JetBrains Teamcity server, that extends default dropdown box with parameters populated from web service.


Checkmarx is a SAST solution designed for identifying, tracking and fixing technical and logical security flaws Configure your Scan - Easily configure Checkmarx Static...

Container cloud

This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker.

Pull Request Extra Information

Plugin to display the branch name of a pull request and get some extra information such as the Branch name, and it will also be displayed as part of the TeamCity...

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Extend TeamCity Notifications to post messages in Microsoft Teams for build events.