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Debian Package Server

tcDebRepository provides a Debian Package server from within TeamCity.

Loadium JMeter Runner

Loadium is a cloud based performance test tool.

RunAs vNext

The teamcity-runas plugin can be used to run TeamCity build steps under a specified user account on Windows or Linux.

Tasks Build Runner

A plugin to identify pending tasks in the code.

Config Transformations

Provides support of applying .net config transformations.


generate an Allure HTML test report as a build artifact.

ALM Octane CI Integration

This plugin introduces easy ALM Octane integration through Jetbrains plugin repository, enabling ALM Octane to display TeamCity build pipelines and track build and test...

Gradle Build Scan Integration

TeamCity plugin that integrates with Gradle Cloud Services.

Katalon Studio Runner

Execute Katalon Studio tests with TeamCity.


This is a plugin which allows a developer to run a set of performance tests against the BlazeMeter Cluster.