Plugins with tag "Notification/Visualizers" for TeamCity

Slack Notifier

publish build events into Slack.


DM Dashboard A highly customizable dashboard used to radiate important information to interested people.


Injects message from build script into the body of the email sent by TeamCity after a build.

Slack Notifier by Enliven

another Slack integration plugin.

WebHooks 2

Allows POST-ing JSON payload upon build finish to a number of registered HTTP listeners.

Continuous Integration Dashboard

a personalized dashboard to display build information from TeamCity (and other CI's).

CCTray support

ability to see TeamCity build statuses in the CruiseControl's CCTray (bundled since TeamCity 7.0).


Build radiator (status monitor for a team - to be shown on a big screen).


Mac OS X status bar notifications.

Boxcar notifications

send out notifications via Boxcar.