Plugins with tag "Notification/Visualizers" for TeamCity

HTTP Build Status

a plugin to roll up selected build statuses into a single HTTP status code.

Slack Notifier

publish build events into Slack.

Slack Notifier by Enliven

another Slack integration plugin.


Build radiator (status monitor for a team - to be shown on a big screen).

Team piazza

provides separate page for the build status with the committing user's avatar.

TeamCity BuildMonitor

ASP.NET-based build monitor screen.


a standalone application (Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi) to display the build status on Delcom USB lights.


( announce), on github.

WebHooks 2

Allows POST-ing JSON payload upon build finish to a number of registered HTTP listeners.

Unified Push Notifier

a notifier to send build states to Aerogear's Unified Push Server.